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Did You Hear The One About The Tax-Dodging Comedian?

Comedian Jimmy Carr, who has admitted to using the K2 tax avoidance scheme.

Over the last couple of weeks, the news has been dominated by the revelation that comedian Jimmy Carr is amongst a host of celebrities using the K2 accountancy programme to avoid paying millions of pounds in taxes. Carr himself has publicly apologised for his actions and, whilst being grilled by fellow comics on 8 Out Of 10 Cats, said that the furore was “entirely my fault.”

But is Carr actually in the wrong?

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Why Football Is Sometimes Important

Chelsea players celebrate winning the 2012 Champion's League final.

Last night was a tremendous evening for English football. Chelsea beat Bayern Munich on penalties at the Allianz Arena to win their first ever UEFA Champion’s League title becoming only the fifth English team to achieve the feat. But across the internet, there were those that dissented. This was not an important evening. This was simply another one of “those football things” that had absolutely no bearing on the world whatsoever.

And it wasn’t just the fact I like football that made me think these people were wrong.

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Boris Johnson And The @MayorOfLondon Fiasco

Current Conservative Mayor Of London Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson is the Tory it’s acceptable to love. No-one loves Boris more than I do and I can’t imagine us ever having another major politician that elicits a cheer every time they appear on the television. The joy of Boris is that you just know that he is only a split second away from saying or doing something absolutely ridiculous.

But this week, Boris is in trouble after he altered the name of the official @MayorOfLondon Twitter account to @BorisJohnson and turned it into an online promotion of his Back Boris 2012 campaign for re-election. Ken Livingstone, his rival candidate, has claimed that this is grossly inappropriate and that Boris is using a non-partisan online account for party political purposes in a dirty tactic to harness the account’s hundreds of thousands of followers to strengthen his campaign.

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Why Jenna-Louise Coleman Is Just Another Doctor Who Companion

New Doctor Who companion Jenna-Louise Coleman with Head Writer Steven Moffat.

It’s now official. Jenna-Louise Coleman of Emmerdale and Waterloo Road fame is to be the new companion to Matt Smith’s Doctor in the next series of Doctor Who, with the 2012 Christmas Special set to be her first appearance in the role. She is set to replace the hugely popular Karen Gillan when her character, Amy Pond, leaves the programme.

But the question on every fan’s lips is: will Jenna-Louise Coleman actually be any good? I’m not convinced she will be. In fact, I’m sure she’ll be exactly the same as every other companion of the Doctor Who revival. Except Donna of course; she was great and almost nothing in this post applies to her. The reasons I think this are very simple.

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